Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based upon one clear principle, quality in all things. Our first step was to find a high class community and a venue with the potential for quality. Having selected both a community and a venue we had one great debate; to keep or change the name ‘The Crown’. Open but practical discussions with our close neighbours in the community had a simple result, the name remains.

The Crown is the second most used name in the pub world, however it will not be a pub in the old fashioned sense. We have restored The Crown to be a venue, one where you can meet friends for a drink, order a simple meal or something more lavish and a function room has been prepared for those very special occasions.
The business philosophy of Kabelo’s leadership is quality in everything that is done to make you happy with your choice. Food at The Crown is prepared from fresh raw ingredients. Prepared by our team and not in some factory far away. Our offerings will include things you might expect but tasting better than you may have experienced. We will tempt your palate with fresh things to try. We don’t call these “specials” because we believe everything should be special. So in short, things you love and things you may grow to love.
In matters of service we will not just offer the usual promises. Great service is a function of attitude, good regular coaching and vigilant monitoring. Our operation is based on respect for the energy, commitment and skills of the members of our team.

Our Location

When you spend 27 years learning your profession maybe time calls for some personal reflection. Time to consider the many people who have been role models in a long journey. The decision to branch out on my own came in a brief moment of inspiration. This moment was conjured up by my distinguished Father, the man who took over this duty before I became a teenager. He asked simply ‘Is now the moment?’

The answer was ‘Yes!’ so we went in search of a community and hopefully a venue. The two words community and venue are critical and we spent a great deal of time and research to come to a conclusion. Opening at the now restored Crown was as much about the community as anything and with the property in Market Square we have a venue.

There is much in the history of Stony Stratford that inspired our decision making. The Market Square dating back to a charter from Richard, The Lion Heart. The idea of our restoration of The Crown which was established after Charles II, the merry monarch, was the restored monarch. Even to the conscience that the Kronenbourg brewery started in the same year.

So our location was a special choice and we intend to make it special for the community we wish to serve.